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Mama Mental Health

Postpartum Therapeutic Support Group

Are you a new mom? Sleep deprived, overwhelmed, sad and lonely? Do you feel like there is no end in sight and just thinking that increases your feelings of guilt and shame more? I assure you, that you are not alone! Postpartum Depression is a common experience in new moms (and dads!) but luckily there are ways to navigate and cope in order to get back to the best version of yourself. 

This PPD therapy group is a 6 week series that starts with providing education on topics around mental health postpartum including depression and anxiety and the number of feelings that come with it. We then take the opportunity to share experiences as a group to promote healing and understanding from those who are experiencing the same things. Using CBT, we will discuss how our feelings and thoughts are interconnected as well as the impact that they have on us in all aspects of life. We will also learn a variety of coping strategies to help with coping through our moments of worry, fear, guilt etc. And lastly, we will be building relationships and connections with others who are also experiencing similar things.

Next Session Starting: 

January 2024

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What to Expect

6 session Support Group

Session 1

Defining Mental Health
Defining Perinatal Mental Health

Session 2

Ugly Truths of Motherhood

  • Isolation

  • Body Image

  • Lack of Connection

  • Social Pressures

  • etc.

Session 3

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Cycle of Avoidance
Self Care

Maternal Mental Health: List

Session 4

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Cont.

Negative Filters

Core Beliefs

Session 5

Coping Strategies

Session 6

Coping Strategies

Maternal Mental Health: List
Image by Annie Spratt

Not sure group therapy is right for you at this time? 

Individual postpartum support is available as well. Reach out today to discuss your options and find the right fit for your needs!

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